Leeds University
25 September 2015 16:48 Age: 2 yrs

Symposium in honour of Andrew Daly

Andrew Daly will ‘retire’ from the University of Leeds on 1 May, although he will continue to collaborate with us in a less formal role.

To mark the occasion, we are organising a symposium with presentations both by people who Andrew has worked with over the last 45 years and people who have been inspired by his work.

The symposium will take place on 4 and 5 May, starting at lunchtime on 4 May and finishing around 2PM on 5 May 

Guest speakers include Vittorio Marzano, Elisabetta Cherchi, Charlene Rohr, Otto Nielsen, Tom van Vuren, Andre de Palma, Mark Bradley, Maria Börjesson and Mogens Fosgerau. Speakers also include CMC/ITS members Stephane Hess, Richard Batley and Chiara Calastri.